On a topic near and dear to my heart, I read an article at Law360 on Friday that was a real eye opener.  Not because I am concerned about my backyard (we have a CTO that is very on top of these issues), but because of the number of law firms that apparently do not have their networks secure.

I have no intention of restating the article from Law360, but I do want to state the premise that should make private practice attorneys (and, frankly, lots of General Counsel) click through: "Over the past five years, sophisticated cyber attackers have expanded their intrusions at government and defense-related targets to go after researchers, manufacturers, nonprofits and law firms, according to a January report by information security firm Mandiant Corp."

Let me put that another way.  The emails about collecting alimony from the ex-wife in Cambodia about the deadbeat ex-husband is not where your risks end.  Hackers are now targeting law firms for hacking and data theft.  And why not?  If a hacker cannot hack into a Fortune 100 company network, go to the law firm network where all of those transaction documents and SEC filings reside.

Read the article for yourself.