It was a bad weekend for Apple, Ubuntu Forums and Tango Chat, all reporting large data breaches over the weekend.

Apple reported that its iOS Developer Center has been breached by hackers.  Not a lot of details are know, but according to Ars Technica in this story:

  • The hack only affected developer accounts; standard iTunes accounts were not compromised
  • Credit card data was not compromised
  • They waited three days to alert developers because they were trying to figure out exactly what data was exposed
  • There is no time table yet for when the Dev Center will return



Next up, Ubuntu Forums reported that email addresses, usernames, and password data for all of the  registered users of the Ubuntu Forums were exposed in a security breach.  The affected parties number estimated to be 1.82 million accounts.  Ubuntu Forums is a discussion and resource center for the freely available, open-source Ubuntu operating system.  Ars Technica has further information available it its story here.



Finally, Tango Chat reported that 1.5 terabytes of phone, contact, and email data was compromised in a hack.  Apparently  the Syrian Electronic Army is responsible for this hack, who you may remember from the Associated Press Twitter account and the drop in the Dow Jones that was precipitated by the resulting tweets.  E Hacking News has more information here.  In the meantime, below is what you do not want a post about your company to look like: