The Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has launched a public consultation on children and data protection issues.

The consultation will have two streams: one aimed at adult stakeholders, and the other aimed directly at children and young people.

To do this, the DPC has created a lesson plan on personal data and data protection rights which will help teachers to teach their students about basic data protection rights and allow them to collect the opinions and views of their students.

Some questions in the public consultation are:

  • How should organizations convey information to children in a manner they easily understand?
  • At what age and under what circumstances should kids be able to file an access or erasure request?
  • When should parents be able to file an access or erasure request for their children’s information?
  • What methods should be used to verify that a child is 16 or over?
  • What methods should online service providers use to ensure that the person providing consent is actually the holder of parental responsibility over the child?
  • Should organizations be prohibited from profiling children for marketing purposes?

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