“As California goes, so goes the nation,” said Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan.

A group of state attorneys general said Wednesday that they are looking to California for guidance and following how the country’s most populous state prepares for the Consumer Privacy Act which will take effect in 2020.

Data Breach Today reports that: “Several U.S. states, including Oregon, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington, are considering new legislation to shore up consumer data privacy laws in the wake of California passing strict privacy requirements last year”

Oregon is considering a bill that would prohibit the sale of de-identified protected health information without first obtaining a signed authorization from an individual.

In Virginia a bill proposes new requirements for businesses related to disposal of certain consumer records.

Washington is considering a bill that would require companies that collect personal data to be transparent about the type of data being collected, whether consumer data is sold to data brokers, and upon request from a consumer, delete the consumer’s personal data without undue delay.

Coverage from Statescoop and Data Breach Today.