“I have long advocated for privacy protections that include the principles of knowledge, notice and the right to say ‘no’ to companies that want our information. But it is increasingly clear that a true 21st-century comprehensive privacy bill must do more than simply enshrine notice and consent standards,” said Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), the author of the Privacy Bill of Rights Act.

Markey said the bill was crafted in response to the continuing number of data breaches and “revelations about myriad companies sharing consumers’ personal information without their consent.” The bill would create rules that stop companies from using Americans’ information in discriminatory ways and would require companies to “protect and secure” personal information they have, according to Markey.

It also aims to make sure companies only collect personal information on consumers to provide specific requested services. The Privacy Bill of Rights Act would also allow for Americans to bring a “private right of action” to bring lawsuits against companies that violate the bill’s rules.

Details from the Daily Dot.