The European Data Protection Report’s first annual report on GDPR, “1 Year GDPR — Taking Stock,” shows public awareness of the European Union’s data protection regime is growing.

  • 67 percent of EU citizens polled indicated that they have heard of the GDPR
  • 36 percent of them indicated that they are well aware of what the GDPR entails.
  • 57 percent of EU citizens polled indicated that they are aware of the existence of a public authority in their country responsible for protecting their data protection rights. This is an increase of 20 percentage points compared to 2015.

Other key points:

  • Over 144.000 queries and complaints* and over 89.000 data breaches have been logged by the EEA Supervisory Authorities.
  • 63 percent of these have been closed and 37 percent are ongoing.
  • A total of 446 cross-border cases were logged in the EDPB’s IMI case register. 205 of these have led to One-Stop-Shop (OSS) procedures. So far, there have been 19 final OSS outcomes.

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