CNBC’s Kate Fazzini interviewed Partner Odia Kagan, Chair of GDPR Compliance & International Privacy, for an article on the one-year anniversary of GDPR. Here are a few of Odia’s thoughts, which were included in the piece:

“The enforcement is just getting started. The higher fines are very likely going to be in connection with very large companies with very complex structures. We haven’t seen them because they aren’t done yet.” The data protection authorities have other tools as well, which might be even costlier than fines.

“In some cases, EU regulators can tell companies, ‘You have 90 days to rectify the thing you are doing wrong with the data, or after 90 days you cannot use the data.'”Sometimes, even the big fines won’t make or break them, but the data will if it is a core component of their business.

Read the full CNBC story, and Odia’s full comments.