Standard Contractual Clauses: we’ll see you in (European) Court (of Justice).

“The European Court of Justice (ECJ) will hear a landmark privacy case regarding the transfer of EU citizens’ data to the United States in July, after Facebook’s bid to stop its referral was blocked by Ireland’s Supreme Court on Friday.”

“The Irish High Court, which heard Schrems’ case against Facebook last year, said there were well-founded concerns about an absence of an effective remedy in U.S. law compatible with EU legal requirements, which prohibit personal data being transferred to a country with inadequate privacy protections.”

“The High Court ordered the case be referred to the ECJ to assess whether the methods used for data transfers – including standard contractual clauses and the so called Privacy Shield agreement – were legal.”

“Facebook took the case to the Supreme Court when the High Court refused its request to appeal the referral, but in a unanimous decision on Friday, the Supreme Court said it would not overturn any aspect the ruling.”

Full details from Reuters.