A new Illinois bill seeks to regulate the use of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process.

The bill, titled the “Artificial Intelligence Video Interview Act” provides that an employer that asks applicants to record video interviews and uses an artificial intelligence analysis of applicant-submitted videos:

  • must notify each applicant in writing before the interview that artificial intelligence may be used to analyze the applicant’s facial expressions and consider the applicant’s fitness for the position;
  • must provide each applicant with an information sheet before the interview explaining how the artificial intelligence works and what characteristics it uses to evaluate applicants; and
  • must obtain written consent from the applicant to be evaluated by the artificial intelligence program.
  • may not use artificial intelligence to evaluate applicants who have not consented to the use of artificial intelligence analysis
  • may not share applicant videos, except with persons whose expertise is necessary in order to evaluate an applicant’s fitness for a position.

Read the full text of the bill.