To sue or not to sue (for privacy violations), that is the question.

“Lawmakers negotiating a national privacy bill are clashing over whether to allow consumers to sue companies … over privacy violations — in what’s shaping up to be another potential roadblock to bipartisan legislation. Republicans and Democrats are split over whether to include a so-called private right of action, which would create a legal mechanism for individuals to take companies to court for violating a future privacy law.”

“Democrats are pushing for the provision, widely backed by privacy advocates, as a way to increase corporate liability for Silicon Valley firms … Many Republicans, however, criticize the idea, saying it will hurt small businesses and cause frivolous litigation. The tech industry is also opposed.”

“GOP members prefer to focus on things like expanding the Federal Trade Commission and giving it limited rulemaking authority — which shows more promise as an area of consensus with Democrats. But some Republicans haven’t shut the door entirely on a private right of action.”

Details from Politico.