Here’s the list of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) amendments that passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and will move on to the Senate Appropriations Committee for a hearing in September, reports Stacey Gray of The Future of Privacy Forum.

  • Employee data used in context of employment relationship is out of scope BUT: (1) new disclosure requirement re: what type of information employers are collecting and the reason for doing so and (2) sunset clause for Jan 1, 2021! (AB-25)
  • Customer loyalty programs exempted from discrimination provision but with amendment to restrict further sales. (AB-846)
  • Definition of personal information amended to exempt ALL publicly available information, regardless of the purpose (compatible or not) for which it is used. (AB-874)
  • Financial incentives expected textual amendment: differential treatment allowed if “reasonably related to the value provided to the BUSINESS” (not the consumer) by the consumer data (AB-1355)
  • Requirement for toll-free number for consumer access requests removed but only for businesses that operate exclusively online (AB-1564)
  • Product recall exemption added to the right to deletion; and exemption for right to opt out of sale – only for car dealers/manufacturers to handle repairs under warranty or recalls (AB-1146)

Read the details in this thread on Stacey’s Twitter feed.