India will approach the European Union seeking “adequacy” status with the General Data Protection Regulation once the country finalizes and passes its own Personal Data Protection Bill – reports the India Economic Times.

An adequacy status stands for a recognition by the EU authorities that a country provides an adequate level of data protection. The effect of such a decision is that personal data can flow from the EU (and Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) to that third country without any further safeguard being necessary.

Such transfer will, in effect, be similar in standing to intra-EU transmissions of data.

The European Commission has so far recognized Andorra, Argentina, Canada (commercial organizations), Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Israel, Isle of Man, Japan, Jersey, New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay and the United States of America (limited to the Privacy Shield framework) as providing adequate protection.

Adequacy talks are ongoing with South Korea.

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