Tell me don’t sell me.

In a new settlement order with the Federal Trade Commission, Unrollme was ordered to notify all its active users of the fact that it accesses or collects email purchase receipts for use in market research products that are sold to third parties and to delete the information of anyone that hadn’t given express consent.

Unrollme sold a service to unsubscribe from services you don’t use but actually also scanned inboxes for receipts and invoices and shared analytics on them with third parties.

Prior to May 2017, Unrollme did not state anywhere on its homepage, in its “frequently asked questions” webpage, or on any screen,that it collects, maintains, or sells information from users’ e-receipts. In addition, in response to user queries Unrollme responded with statements such as “Don’t worry, this is just to watch for those pesky newsletters, we’ll never touch your personal stuff.”

Unrollme has been ordered to make this notification by an email, consisting solely of the very detailed information the FTC required (as an exhibit to the order) with the subject line “Update: How We Use and Share Your Information.”

Details from the FTC.