Privacy notices should be a “man for all seasons,” write Cameron Kerry and Caitlin Chin of The Brookings Institution.

“The most detailed and honest privacy disclosure could be a silver bullet of transparency for regulators but utterly useless for the majority of consumers.” Therefore, they should multiple formats and contexts.

  • a detailed version for the regulators, privacy experts and others interested.
  • a user-friendly version that allows the general public to get the information they need. (For this, formats like pop up notices or hover over explanations can work.)
  • different format that allows for obtaining actual informed consent, if such is required.

“A one-size-fits-all disclosure requirement can undermine the contextual relevance that makes consent meaningful.” they write.

“By making information available in multiple forms, the concept of “notice” can shift to allow more meaningful and true transparency.”

Details from Brookings.