“State Rep. Shannon Zimmerman said he’ll begin circulating the proposed Wisconsin Data Privacy Act, which could fine companies up to $20 million — or assess a portion of their annual revenue — if they don’t abide rules established in three bills”.”

“The first bill would allow Wisconsin residents to learn what data businesses have collected. With some limitations, businesses would be required to release a record of what they’ve collected and what they intend to do with it, according to the legislation. The bill also calls on third parties that have received users’ data to disclose what personal data they received.”

“The second bill would give Wisconsinites the right to demand a company stop collecting the data and to delete it, while the third bill outlines strict rules companies must follow for collecting personal data and how consent would be applied.”

“The third bill prohibits — with some exceptions — companies from collecting or selling personal data.”

Details from Rivertowns.net.