Should enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act be delayed?

The current outbreak of COVID-19 warrants delaying enforcement of California’s new privacy law to January 2021, dozens of organizations say in a letter sent this week to state Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

“Now is not the time to threaten business leaders with premature CCPA enforcement lawsuits,” the organizations write. “A temporary deferral in enforcement of the CCPA would relieve many pressures placed on organizations due to COVID-19 and would better enable business leaders to make responsible decisions that prioritize the needs and health of their workforce over other matters.”

“Developing innovative business procedures to comply with brand-new legal requirements is a formidable undertaking on its own, but it is an especially tall order when there are no dedicated, on-site staff available to build and test necessary new systems and processes,” the organizations write.”

A number of EU data protection authorities, including the UK and Norway have stated they would relax enforcement due to the crisis.

Details from Media Post.