“The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the first in what will likely be a tsunami of additional U.S. state laws coming down the pike around customer privacy. Companies will have no choice but to adjust to this new normal of increased consumer privacy regulations” says Vinnie Schoenfelder for Forbes.

Companies should:

  • Standardize data collection and management.
  • Ensure that their consumer privacy policies, procedures and governance are done genuinely and with the purpose of making the customer experience easier and better.
  • Invest in making their consumer privacy offerings work to their advantage by doing more than the minimum and actively making privacy an added benefit of doing business with their organization.
  • Be transparent about how data is used.
  • Find ways to provide value to customers for opting in.
  • Create systems that can grow and adapt as privacy laws change over time.
  • Create policies and procedures before regulations require them.

Details from Forbes.