The European Data Protection Supervisor addressed the coronavirus crisis in a post titled “Carrying the torch in times of darkness.”

“The outbreak of Covid-19 is affecting our lives at an unprecedented pace. It is testing the resilience of our societies as we respond to this global crisis and try to contain its consequences, both in the short and in the long run.”

“Personal data have and will continue to play an important role in the fight against the pandemic.”

“Humanity does not need to commit to a trade-off between privacy and data protection from one side, and public health, on the other. Democracies in the age of Covid-19 must and can have them both.”

“As we discuss digital solutions to manage the pandemic, and we subject them to public and democratic debate, we shall keep sight of the endemic problems of the digital ecosystem and have them subject to democratic oversight and deliberations.”

“Where to draw the line – in times of emergencies – can be prescribed by the law, but it definitely implies answering prominent ethical questions, in particular where we wish to head to as democratic societies, based on the rule of law.”

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