“Convention 108+ (Convention 108 as amended by the protocol) is set to become the international standard on privacy and data protection in the digital age, and represents a viable tool to facilitate international data transfers while guaranteeing an appropriate level of protection for people globally,”  say Alessandra Pierucci, Chair of the Committee of Convention 108 and Jean-Philippe Walter, Data Protection Commissioner of the Council of Europe.

“Being Party to the Convention 108+ could in the future also facilitate the case-by-case assessment that companies are required to do [following the Schrems II judgement] in the context of standard contractual clauses, regarding the essentially equivalent level of protection to be guaranteed”.

“The time has come to use the numerous criteria developed by the Courts in respect of what constitute adequate and effective guarantees, effective accountability, and independent oversight of intelligence services, and find consensus on this critical issue at global level”

Read the full text of the joint statement: “Better protecting individuals in the context of international data flows: the need for democratic and effective oversight of intelligence services.”