“The Illinois General Assembly has evaluated numerous proposals similar to the CCPA. Illinoisans want to know that their personal information is protected, and they have a right to know who is collecting their data, for what purpose, and within reason, a right to request that data to be deleted if it is not needed. I will continue to work with the industries that collect this data to develop policies that afford consumers basic data protection rights that are also feasible for the entities collecting data,” said Illinois attorney general Kwame Raoul.

“Illinois consumers should receive just as much protection as California consumers have under the CCPA, if not more. Therefore, any similar Illinois legislation should be consistent with California’s law”.

“It is important for any federal privacy law passed to contain the same strong data rights and protections for consumers that I have advocated for in Illinois law, without preempting more protective state laws. It is also important for state attorneys general to have the authority to enforce federal law to protect Illinois consumers.”

Details from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).