The European Parliament issued a detailed study on the impact of smart mobility applications on the future of transport and addressed some data protection issues.

  • Public authorities should further specify legislation for data privacy and protection. (e.g. addressing how drivers can grant third parties’ consent to use their data, where processing data is necessary for a task carried out in the public interest).
  • The Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) industry and vehicle manufacturers should develop systems flexible enough to guarantee full control of personal data by the driver (privacy by design) and providing a “no tracking” function.
  • The C-ITS industry, vehicle manufacturers and public authorities should actively inform users of C-ITS applications on the negative consequences of disabling the broadcast (e.g., reduced traffic safety), but at the same time their ability to manage their personal data should be pointed out.
  • The same challenges and potential mitigation actions as for C-ITS services are relevant for Connected Cooperative Automated Transport (CCAM).

Read the full text of the study.

European Parliament Smart Connectivity Transportation Report Odia Kagan