The Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) is coming! The Canadian government has submitted a bill for the amendment of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the enactment of a new, modern privacy act.

Key provisions include:
Stronger enforcement:
  • Broad order-making powers to the Commissioner, including recommending the issuance of fines.
  • Administrative two-tiered monetary penalties of up to 3% of global revenue or $10 million or 5% of global revenue or $25 million.
Stronger protections:
  • Required disclosure of data processing in plain language
  • Right for individual to direct the transfer of their personal information from one organization to another.
  • Right to delete/right to object to processing.
  • Transparency about how automated decision-making systems like algorithms and artificial intelligence are used to make significant predictions, recommendations or decisions and the right to request an explanation.
  • Protection of deidentified information and preventing its use without an individual’s consent only to limited circumstances.

Read the full text of the legislation.