The White House recently issued guidance to government agencies for the regulation of artificial intelligence applications.

Key data protection takeaways:
  • Transparency is essential. Disclosures should be written in a format that is easy to understand.
  • What constitutes appropriate disclosure and transparency is context-specific, depending on assessments of potential harms, the magnitude of those harms, the technical state of the art, and the potential benefits of the AI application.
  • Promote the development of AI systems that are safe, secure, and operate as intended.
  • Pay particular attention to the controls in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information processed, stored, and transmitted by AI systems.
  • Consider methods for providing systemic resilience, and for preventing bad actors from exploiting AI systems.
  • Be mindful of any potential safety and security risks and vulnerabilities, as well as the risk of possible malicious deployment and use of AI applications.
  • Consider any national security implications and take actions to protect national security as appropriate.

Read the full text of the guidance.