“Increased usage of consumer products and industrial devices connected to the internet will also raise new risks for privacy, information- and cybersecurity, including increasingly potential impacts on the integrity and availability of products and data, which can directly affect safety,”  says the Council of Europe in its “Conclusions on the cybersecurity of connected devices.”

Additional points:
  • Cybersecurity and privacy should be acknowledged as essential requirements in product innovation, the production and development processes, including the design phase (security by design), and should be ensured throughout a product’s entire life cycle and across its supply chain.
  • It is equally important to increase consumer awareness of potential privacy and security risks.
  • All stakeholders, in particular manufacturers, have an important role in raising the level of cybersecurity of connected devices.
  • It’s important to assess the need for horizontal legislation to address all relevant aspects of cybersecurity of connected devices, such as availability, integrity and confidentiality. This could be done by way of a certification framework.

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