Do you believe in life after third party cookies?

A new venture sets to combine first party data and contextual data.

The combination between a contextually-focused exchange ( and authenticated traffic (Liveramp) sets out to enable private marketplace buys that have been curated to include both a marketer’s own customers and the contexts they want to be in.

“Bringing first-party data together with context could add nuance to how marketers measure the performance of their campaigns, since they’ll have more insight into what kind of contexts perform best among their customers or certain slices of their customer base.”

“Marketers could look at what’s converting based on identity and improve the campaigns based on that.”

While the new venture is yet to be tested, the reliance on less privacy invasive contextual targeting in combination with first party data that can, at least in theory , be acquired legally and with the right notices and consents, may be the way forward after cookies are gone.

Details in AdExchanger