“People find themselves in the middle of the data debate – between the rock of regulation and the hard place of fending for themselves in an ever more complicated digital landscape” says Arun Kumar at IPG for AdExchanger.

“The United States is long overdue for a national data privacy law…A law should be balanced, requiring collectors and users of data to be accountable while also empowering people to know who has their data, how it is used, and how to opt out. Effective regulation needs to create a level data playing field that governs companies equitably…An example would be to delineate between higher risk data uses and types, such as financial or health data, or data used to make decisions on credit and employment. Lower risk data includes that used for marketing and advertising… This approach would allow people and brands to prioritize and focus their time and resources around data privacy.

“Companies that use data with transparency, to understand people and deliver better experiences, more utility, and less noise, demonstrate something that no amount of education or privacy regulation can achieve: The power of data for good”

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