“Cookie replacement solutions connecting first-party data to individual ads through universal IDs are coming, but rather than chasing a retooled version of a historically clunky solution, marketers should build new data frameworks that employ statistical modeling and AI to illustrate a probabilistic media journey,” says Mark Sturino, VP of data and analytics at Good Apple.

“The specifics of how this can be done will vary by industry and primary KPIs; building plans that consider media mixes at the DMA level with purposeful changes in budgets, channel mix, and messaging in previously identified markets will provide data scientists the necessary variance in data across similar markets to run better analysis.”

“An additional advantage of a probabilistic approach looking at data from population segments rather than individuals is that it can be more directly tied to key ROI-driving tactics… A better connection of media data to sales will allow for better ROI conversations with brand clients, and connecting marketing efforts to ROI is clearly fundamental to success.”

Details in AdExchanger.