Consent seems to be the hardest word.

“Ad tech companies are investing in better consent and preference experiences for end users simply because they have no other choice but to try and emerge as brands that end users can safely trust,” says Romain Gauthier Gauthier, CEO and co-founder of French consent management platform Didomi.

Ad tech companies are in a good position to help address that challenge because they have integrations with both supply and demand, said Todd Parsons, Criteo’s chief product officer.

“Making consent interoperate across sites isn’t something CMPs can do,” he said. “Consumers benefit from ad experiences that are respectful of privacy and personalization preferences not just for one site but across domains – and getting consent is just one part of that.”

From a consumer perspective, if a login is required, people will use whatever mechanism they’re presented with as long as they’re convinced there’s value in doing so, Parsons said.

Details in this AdExchanger article.