Better (cyber)safe than sorry.

“Cybersecurity is going to be the new safety, says Ikjot Saini, PhD Saini of University of Windsor.

“Unlike other technologies with links to electronic networks such as smartphones and smart appliances, physical accidents can happen if smart automobile systems are compromised through hacking or computer viruses, and these can cause real market damage.”

Cybersecurity “has many faces in today’s automotive industry and poses significant risks if left unchecked,” says Flavio Volpe, Automotive Parts Manufacturers’​ Association (APMA) president. “Companies must safeguard their products, operations and systems no matter the type of components, parts, systems and assemblies they produce.”

The SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence is based at the University of Windsor will work with APMA to reduce cyber-vulnerabilities within autos and their components among manufacturers, researchers and motorists – with plans to offer consultation and test services to small and medium-sized Canadian companies.

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