“Consumer data should be owned by the consumer. If we want to collect and use it for any marketing purpose, we must explain how we will do so – and obtain consent and permissions. (GDPR explains this quite nicely.)

But to get that agreement, the consumer must understand the trade-off. They need to understand what’s in it for them and see real value in the arrangement. On the whole, I’d argue we’re not yet holding up our end of the bargain,” says Robin ‘Bob’ Caller, CEO and founder of Overmore Group.

“That data is not, and never will be, ‘your’ first-party data. The customer is the first party in this transaction – you, as the marketer, are the second party.”

“As second-party data holders (i.e., you, the marketer), brands must obtain permission from the first party.”

“The path of least resistance is accepting that ‘privacy-first’ means ‘user-first.’ That needs to be buttressed by express and informed consent, an unbundling of permissions and empowering consumers to retain sovereign control over the what, as well as the why, when and how their personal data is used.

Details in this AdExchanger article.