In the Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) ecosystem, cybersecurity … should be seen as a core enabler that protects safety and provides value to products and services, and is integrated in the lifecycles of products’ and services’ activities., says the European Union’s Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) in a new report on the cybersecurity challenge in CAM.

Key points:
  • Raise awareness to the top management level.
  • Raise awareness throughout the organization, and especially at the right decision level.
  • Promote the integration of cybersecurity along with digital transformation at the board level.
  • Advise on fast-moving business and technology topics such as cybersecurity on a permanent basis at board level.
  • Promote procurement processes to integrate cybersecurity risk-oriented requirements.
  • Address cybersecurity skills to keep up with the creative (e.g. design thinking) skills that the company’s strategy aims to foster.
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities regarding cybersecurity.
  • Take into regard the cybersecurity needs of both business and supporting processes.
  • Define a risk management process.