The “Cookie-pocalypse” or the “Identity Revolution.” Whatever you call it, digital advertising is undergoing a massive transition as the deprecation of third-party cookies gets closer. To help marketers successfully navigate this changing ecosystem, it’s clear the role of agencies must evolve, says Larson Banilower, Head of Agency at Criteo.

Three audience targeting approaches agencies can leverage to reach and convert their clients’ customers in this new environment are:

  • Addressable: While third-party cookies still exist, agencies must use all the signals they provide to create meaningful experiences that people want to opt-in to. The more consumers that opt-in today, the larger the addressable audience an agency’s clients will have tomorrow.
  • Cohort: If agencies truly understand the mindset of these cohorts, they can create one-to-many ads that still feel personalized.
  • Contextual: By marrying contextual signals from a webpage and commerce signals from their clients’ first-party data, agencies can deliver impactful (and seemingly personalized) ads to consumers at the right place and time.

Details in Ad Exchanger.