“When brands use their own data to know customers and prospects better, wonderful things start to happen. This is really about Identity – not cookies.”

“What to do:
  • Assess your current state
  • Embrace the first-party future.
  • Take ownership when it comes to identity and only allow processors (companies like identity providers or adtech partners) to access the data as needed, with strict privacy and security policies governing any sharing or access outside their firewalls.
  • Do not settle for less (than a complete customer view).
  • Prove the value.
  • Be transparent. The brand or “controller” has the greatest responsibility to protect the privacy and the rights of known customers as well as visitors. Processors should act as trusted partners and a direct extension of the brand by providing the people, processes, and technology to build and maintain highly precise and scalable real-time consumer recognition, activation, and measurement that help ensure transparency, privacy and security are held to the highest standard at every step. All this is done within the brand’s private, owned, and dedicated environment.
  • Do it now.”

Details in this MarTech Today article.