U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts has introduced the “Algorithmic Justice and Online Platform Transparency Act.”

If signed into law, the bill will impose several new requirements on online platforms:

  • Transparency – including explaining the information collected, how it is used (for advertising and/or content moderation), method by which the type of algorithmic process prioritizes, assigns weight to, or ranks different categories of personal information to withhold, amplify, recommend or promote content
  • Records – retaining a (deidentified) record of the algorithmic process
  • Retaining an advertising library – including copies of all ads, targeting criteria, information provided to the advertisers and identity of the advertisers
  • Data portability – providing the information to the individuals
  • Prohibition of discrimination

The bill would also establish an interagency task force on the algorithmic processes of online platforms that would examine the discriminatory use of personal information by those processes.

Read the bill.