The UK Information Commissioner’s Office is calling for collaboration with UX and design firms for the implementation of the Age-Appropriate Design Code.

Per the ICO:

“We know that the aims of the design community align with this vision set out in the Children’s Code and can see design practices evolving. Designers are more conscious of societal harms and how the decisions they make impact children’s information rights and digital experiences. And we want to help designers understand, implement and embed the Children’s Code into their practices, helping them to create a better digital world for children.”

“We are currently developing practical guidance to help designers in their day-to-day work. The guidance will help a range of practitioners to apply the Children’s Code; from UX and product designers to service managers and content designers.”

“This is a new approach for the ICO. By working in collaboration with the design community, we can create practical guidance driven by industry needs. For the first iteration of the UX design guidance we’ll focus on Transparency as a key UX design challenge in the code.”

Read the full statement from the UK ICO.