The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), an industry trade group that develops self-regulatory standards for online advertising, has released its Precise Location Information Solution Provider Voluntary Enhanced Standards.

The new standards restrict the use, sale, or transfer of location data correlating to Sensitive Points of Interest, which include places tied to religious worship, sensitive healthcare services, military bases, LGBTQ+ identity and other places.

Sensitive Points of Interest are the associations of location information, including Precise Location Information, with additional information about that location that may reveal Sensitive Information about consumers or that an average person would reasonably consider to be particularly private

Key points:

  • Participating members shall take commercially reasonable efforts to maintain a directory of known Sensitive POIs, samples of which shall be subject to annual reviews by the NAI or its designees.
  • Participating members shall not use, allow the use of, sell, or share any information about device or user activity correlated to a known Sensitive POI.
  • Participating members shall not use, allow the use of, sell, or share Precise Location Information for law enforcement, national security, or bounty-hunting purposes, except as necessary to comply with a valid legal obligation.
  • The requirements and restrictions established in this document do not apply when Participating Members or their clients have a direct relationship with the consumer, and Precise Location Information is collected directly from devices, with the consumer’s consent, for the purposes of providing a service directly requested by the consumer.

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