California Consumer Privacy Act

A survey of 777 registered voters in California showed 88 percent would support The California Privacy Rights Enforcement Act (CPREA), a 2020 ballot measure related to expansion of protections for personal information.

The survey also concluded that 88 percent of respondents support the California Consumer Privacy Act, and 81 percent believe a potential federal U.S.

For a lighter, but still instructive, take on the California Consumer Privacy Act and the recently released CCPA draft regulations, here are the Ten Commandments of CCPA Compliance:

• Thou shalt make for yourself a person overseeing privacy compliance in thine corporation.

• Thou shalt map thy data so thou knowest what it is, wherefrom

“Companies doing business in California may face a heightened risk of litigation when the state’s new privacy law takes effect in January, litigation and privacy attorneys say,” reports Bloomberg’s Sara Merken.

“The California Consumer Privacy Act clears the way for state residents to sue companies for data breaches involving certain information, if a company fails

A new study estimates the costs of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance:

“California’s new privacy law could cost companies a total of up to $55 billion in initial compliance costs, according to an economic impact assessment prepared for the state attorney general’s office by an independent research firm.”

“On the low end, the researchers

The California Attorney General has issued long-awaited draft regulations for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which is scheduled to take effect in 2020.

High level takeaways:
  • Big emphasis on disclosure and transparency: both format and content of the privacy notices.
  • Separation between the privacy notice for “at or before collection of information” and the

A local  Munich court has interpreted the right of access under Article 15 of GDPR and German law. Here are some key takeaways for GDPR and for consumer access requests under CCPA:

  • The right of access under GDPR is a comprehensive right concerning the stored or processed personal data.
  • It includes all data, such as

A U.S. online privacy bill is not likely to come before Congress this year, three sources told Reuters.

Lawmakers disagree over issues like whether the bill should preempt state rules. While the sources, who are involved in the negotiations, still think it is possible at least one discussion draft of the bill could land before

“It is very important for businesses to start thinking about compliance now. From my perspective, we are getting ready for enforcement in parallel with our rule-making process.” — Deputy California Attorney General Stacy Schlesser. 

Schlesser says there is no time like the present to work on CCPA compliance.

Though the attorney general can begin enforcement