Assembly Bill 335 has been introduced in the California legislature to amend the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to include an exception for watercraft-related information.

The bill would expand the “vehicle information” exception, and states that if a vessel dealer shares vessel information or ownership information with a vessel manufacturer for the purpose of effectuating,

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has put together a helpful tracker of CCPA amendments.

There are currently five amendments in play, including amending the definition of de-identification and extending the employee and B2B carve outs until January 2022 if the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), which is on the CA ballot, doesn’t pass.

To B2B or not to B2B.
Proposed CCPA amendment AB1355 will impose a one-year moratorium for personal information that a business obtains in certain B2B contexts. Important points about the exception:
  • It applies to information obtained by a business through a communication or transaction with a California resident acting for another entity occurring “solely within

Three proposed amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act were themselves amended on September 6. Here is a summary of the major changes, with links to the current version of each proposed amendment:

  • Until 1/1/2021 personal information collected about employees in their role as such is carved out. New addition: emergency contact information and benefits