The California Attorney General has published extensive proposed amendments to the CCPA draft regulations.


  • The four types of required notices
  • Greater transparency requirement
  • WCAG2.1 accessibility requirements
  • Just in time notice for unexpected use
  • Opt out button design
  • Permitted internal uses for service providers
  • Examples on discrimination / not discrimination


  • Requirement to get written

A sale by any other name, part 2.

Consumer rights advocates want the California Attorney General to clarify the definition of “sale.”

“The Attorney General should promulgate regulations reflecting that the transfer of data between unrelated companies for any commercial purpose falls under the definition of sale, so that consumers can opt-out of the sharing

The CCPA regs, they are not-a-changing.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra doesn’t plan to make major changes to rules he proposed in October to enforce California’s new privacy law before issuing a final set of regulations.

“’That initial public disclosure of our proposed regs gives everyone a sense of where we think we should go,’

The Software Alliance filed comments to the California Attorney General on draft regulations to implement the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) intended to avoid upsetting the business-service provider relationship set out in the statute.

Proposed revisions:
  • A service provider may use personal information received from a business or consumer to serve another entity when a

The California Attorney General has issued long-awaited draft regulations for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which is scheduled to take effect in 2020.

High level takeaways:
  • Big emphasis on disclosure and transparency: both format and content of the privacy notices.
  • Separation between the privacy notice for “at or before collection of information” and the