Coronavirus and Data Protection: The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has issued an opinion on the Google-Apple joint initiative for contact tracing apps.

Key Takeaways

  • The Google and Apple framework appears to be aligned with data protection principles.
  • The app developers have primary responsibility to ensure data protection principles are met.
  • There must be transparency as

The French Competition Authority has announced it imposed a sanction of €150 million on Google for abusing its dominant position in search advertising.

The authority also ordered Google to:

  • clarify the drafting of the rules for its Google Ads advertising platform and review the information procedures concerning changes to the rules (individual notification two months

Google Analytics is in the crossfire in Germany.

The data protection authorities of the German states are being flooded with complaints, approximately 200,000 in number, regarding deployment of the Google Analytics service on websites in a manner which allegedly is in violation of GDPR.

At issue is whether deploying Google Analytics is possible without acquiring

Is the FTC’s Google-YouTube settlement a “game changer”?

“It’s three times larger than any privacy penalty assessed against Google anywhere else in the world, and it is 10 times larger than the civil penalties we have obtained in all of our 31 prior COPPA cases combined… A penalty of this magnitude sends a strong signal

The Federal Trade Commission and New York Attorney General have entered into landmark settlement with Google and YouTube for alleged violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Rule.

The settlement requires Google and YouTube to pay $136 million to the FTC and $34 million to New York, the largest penalty since the law

Google was found guilty of violating Italian privacy laws. The Italian court held three (3) Google executives criminally liable for making video available that shows kids bullying a third kid. Prosecutors may have successfully argued that Google is not a service provider (and protected by EU law), but rather is a content provider because of the numerous ways that Google “touches” its users. The amount of user data Google collects raises the level of duty owed to its users, making an invasion of privacy charge stick, prosecutors argued.
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