U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, (D-Minn.) has introduced the Social Media Privacy Protection and Consumer Rights Act.

“Among other things, it requires, social media, search, and other data-centric companies handle user data to give consumers a way to opt out of data collection. This could be as straightforward as someone declining the terms of service. If

I have written about the problems arising when jurors post comments on Facebook and other social networking sites during a trial. Now a survey from Reuters Legal reveals some troubling statistics regarding the extent of the problem. According to the survey, since 1999, at least 90 verdicts have been challenged due to internet-related juror conduct, with at

As more courthouses offer wireless Internet access, trial attorneys and those assisting them now have the ability to hop on the internet during jury selection and check out the potential jurors in front of them. Legal Productivity has an interesting article offering tips for trial lawyers on using information on jurors’ social networking sites to