“If you’re going to see real enforcement — aggressive, early, decisive enforcement action — early on, it will deal with kids,” said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, speaking during a news conference

Additional key takeaways:

Enforcement priorities:

  • Sensitive information like health data, Social Security numbers and dating patterns
  • Children’s information (parental consent for under 13 and opt-in for 13-16)

Other takeaways:

  • AG is considering supporting empowering district attorneys and city attorneys to bring enforcement actions against businesses and generally “giving consumers real tools to put in practice their rights.”
  • AG will first try to help people understand its interpretation of the law. After that is done – the AG’s office will enforce.
  • The AG will be patient with small businesses making a real effort to comply but said that “ignorance of the law is not an excuse.”

Details from the San Francisco Chronicle.