“Though it’s hard to predict what will happen with regard to a federal privacy bill in 2020, the reality is that the CCPA is here and other states will surely follow,” writes Jedidiah Bracy of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

“In addition to driving policy talks in the nation’s capital, the CCPA may also become a blueprint for other U.S. states to issue their own laws. New York, Illinois and Washington state are all expected to issue draft laws in 2020…”

“States will also continue to pass more sectoral privacy laws. Last year, Maine and Nevada passed sector-specific privacy laws, and Illinois is expanding privacy protections for users of genetic testing kits. New York’s Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act goes into effect March 21, 2020, and “is bound to have far-reaching implications for (chief information security officers) from Wall Street to Upstate.”

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