Santa Clara University professor and privacy law expert Eric Goldman says CCPA enforcement should be delayed.

“The DOJ should relax the July 1, 2020 enforcement date. California has declared a state of emergency and is on indefinite lockdown due to COVID-19. This is not business as usual” – says Goldman.

“These circumstances significantly hamper businesses’ ability to respond to the constantly-changing requirements of the draft regulations. Due to illness or layoffs, some businesses will not have employees available to implement the new requirements. Furthermore, businesses across the state are under extreme financial stress due to the imminent state-wide economic depression; and many businesses have seen their customer base virtually dry up overnight, making it challenging for them to meet the expenses like rent and payroll needed to keep the lights on.”

“In the face of the unprecedented public health crisis, many businesses will need adequate time to manage the logistics, and absorb the expenses, of complying with the DOJ’s regulations.”

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