The New York State Senate has approved a measure that would protect the privacy of contact tracing data.

“The NY state Senate approved a measure (S.8450C/A.10500C) that would keep contact tracing information confidential and ensure it is only used for tracing efforts.”

“All private contractors hired for contact tracing would be required to dispose of the information, deliver it to governmental contact tracing entities, or de-identify information in their possession within 30 days of receiving it, under the measure. Those steps can be postponed for up to 15 days if contractors are still actively engaged in contact tracing.”

“The measure would authorize the disclosure, possession, or use of contact tracing information that has been de-identified, for public health and research purposes.”

“Law enforcement and immigration authorities, including federal agencies, would not have access to the information except in certain circumstances.”

“The bill also directs the state and New York City health commissioners to create regulations on technical safeguards for the storage, transmission, and use of the data”

Details from Bloomberg Law.