“Some internet gatekeepers believe pseudonymous identifiers pose such a high privacy risk that they must be policed by a centralized authority,” say Joshua Koran, head of innovation labs at Zeta Global. “That means centralizing the generation of the identifier and its processing. Yet such proponents are either redundantly acting alongside regulators or even worse writing brand new regulations for each country.”

“Given the impact on all web stakeholders, we would hope the rules that govern the web provide a level playing field, rather than self-preferencing a company’s own web services. (This is why regulators have labeled such anticompetitive actions as ‘privacy fixing’ and are calling the motivations of these gatekeepers into question.)”

“Regardless of intent, policies should be judged by the outcomes they produce. All sides agree that removing interoperable data disproportionately impacts smaller organizations, as they must rely more on supply chain partners. We should not overlook such anticompetitive outcomes when evaluating the desirability of these policies.”

Details in this AdExchanger piece.