Personalized data that you can control?

“Current solutions are built on a prerequisite that your data must be centralized,” says Lauren Wetzel of InfoSum . “Effectively by centralizing data you’re sharing vast amounts of personal data. The moment that this happens, not only is the privacy and security of that personal data at risk, but the data owner actually loses control of that data.”

“For a brand customer that wants to onboard its data directly with a media owner, InfoSum will set up a database (which it calls a “bunker”) that mirrors that brand’s own data environment, she says. Anybody else who also has a bunker can match against that data set for planning, for activation or for measurement.”

“Our solution to identity is to not dictate the identity of the future, and that’s just because we don’t believe there’s going to be one single identity… We think it’s less about creating a privacy safe identity than it is about creating a privacy safe way to connect identity,” according to Wetzel. “It’s allowing the marriage or the mapping of those data sets, and looking at all dimensions.”

Details in AdExchanger.