Do you know that your car knows if you are 2fast2furious?

The California Senate Judiciary Committee approved with bipartisan support SB 346, a bill by Sen. Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) regarding consumer choice related to the installation and use of in-vehicle cameras.

Key points:
  • Require that consumers be prominently informed at the time of purchase if a camera is installed inside a car.
  •  Prohibit video recordings from being used for advertising or sold to third parties.
  •  Prohibit any recording obtained through operation of an in-vehicle camera by the manufacturer from being retained at any location other than the vehicle itself without the affirmative written or electronic consent of the user.
  • Prohibit a person or entity from compelling a manufacturer or other entity providing the operation of an in-vehicle camera to build specific features for the purpose of allowing an investigative or law enforcement officer to monitor images through that feature.

An in-vehicle camera is defined as any device included as part of a vehicle by the manufacturer that is designed to, or is capable of recording images or video inside the cabin of the vehicle.

Read the full text of the bill.