“[T]he customer is king. And data sharing increases comfort and convenience for customers, improves products and services, and contributes to achieving societal goals such as improving road safety, reducing fuel consumption and facilitating traffic management,” says Eric-Mark Huitema Director General of European Automobile Manufacturers’​ Association (ACEA).

“[The] principle that should guide the future framework for access to in-vehicle data is customer choice.”

“In-vehicle data sharing should be based on clear terms and conditions ensuring that consumers know what data they share and with whom, in full compliance with privacy and data protection rules. [C]ustomers need to give permission to allow third-party access to data and that they should remain in control of data sharing at all times.”

“Any future EU framework for access to in-vehicle data should not constrain innovation and competitiveness. Instead, it should lay down basic principles in key areas to safeguard fair and non-discriminatory access, technology neutrality, customer choice and – above all – people’s safety and security.”

Details from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.