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“A vast body of research has shown [mobility] data is highly reidentifiable. Previously, researchers showed that knowing four random points of someone’s trajectory points, such as when and where you take your morning coffee, was enough to uniquely identify that person 95% of the time in a dataset of 1.5 million people. Other studies have

Do you know that your car knows if you are 2fast2furious?

The California Senate Judiciary Committee approved with bipartisan support SB 346, a bill by Sen. Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) regarding consumer choice related to the installation and use of in-vehicle cameras.

Key points:
  • Require that consumers be prominently informed at the time of purchase if

I’ll take it as a yes? You still need notice and consent even when using email-based identifiers.

The age of email-based identifiers is nigh. But are these cookie replacements actually as transparent about consent as promised? Digiday’s Kate Kaye says maybe not.

“Because many identity technologies, including Unified ID 2.0, use email addresses and other

An Arizona bill relating to personal data (HB 2865) was reintroduced on February 11, 2021  in the Arizona House of Representatives and passed its second reading on February 15, 2021.

Key provisions:
  • Carve out for employee and B2B data.
  • Uses both “personal data” and “personal information” terms.
  • “Sale” requires monetary consideration. A sale is presumed

“… Gathering consent on a connected TV requires striking a tricky balance between complying with the law, meeting consumer expectations, avoiding consent fatigue and not messing with the user experience.”

“Most consumers don’t read consent screens, privacy policies or T&Cs while they’re leaning back in their living room with a bowl of popcorn in their